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Denver Colorado Luxury Magazine

Interview by Charlie Price
Edited by Tiaja Pierre

Not only are you a magazine impresario – you are a best selling author. Tell us about your book.

My first published book, Internet Dates From Hell is a true account of when I was a single schoolteacher living in Manhattan.

I happened to be celebrating my 30th Birthday and made the decision to give on-line dating a try. I was on a quest to not only finding my soul mate but also to find “myself”. The journey begins simply in finding connections with another person, but along the way outrageous adventures occur and I surrounded myself with a variety of colorful characters.

There are close to one hundred million single adults living in The United States. Of those, approximately thirty-five million will look at online dating sites this year alone. Internet Dates from Hell provides the ins and outs of Internet dating from my experiences, ranging from funny to scary to downright shocking. The book is entertaining as well as informative with plenty of lessons and tips.

Denver Colorado Luxury Magazine is a media sponsor for Fashion West Runway Show. How do you see luxury and fashion manifesting currently in “The Wild West”?

I see fashion manifesting in “The Wild West” as a powerful statement about individualism. Fashion has evolved here in the West from a casual vibe to more of an edgy ipseity. I see Colorado and the surrounding states transforming more into a sophisticate/rustic/chic trend.

Regarding luxury in “The Wild West” it has always been here but in a subtle way.  The luxury-set are usually the folks that dress casually low-key and unpretentious yet they wear clothing that is high quality and on the expensive side. Denver has never had a publication that celebrates luxury and fashion together, Denver Colorado Luxury Magazine honors hi-fashion and the jet-set beautifully.

You are from New York City – how does your life here in Denver differ? What are the positives to both places – and do you go back to Manhattan often?

I am from NYC and now live in the North Denver area. The energy is different in the way that “Manhattan never sleeps” and is always buzzing. Although Denver is rich in the Arts and full of trendy neighborhoods such as RiNo, Highlands, Cherry Creek, etc. it does feel like a ghost town after 9 P.M.

I could go on for days about the positives about Manhattan, but all I can say is NYC is like no other city in the world. I make it a point to visit Manhattan at least every year. My goal is to have an apartment there again someday.

You oversee a number of your own publications and design them yourself as well. Is being incredibly busy something that you thrive on?

I thrive on being very busy for that is my nature, but recently I have restructured how I do things so I can have a better life/work balance. Having over a 4 total million readership, I am currently looking for sales professionals and other support members that can help.

Describe the feeling when you hold a new issue of your magazine in your hands for the first time.

The feeling I get with every launch of a new issue is as if a son/daughter was born.

As a former New Yorker – what does being a citizen of The West mean to you?

Good question. This is how a citizen of The West translates to this Native New Yorker: Although I was not born and bred here in The West, I feel I encompass the Western Spirit coupled with modern day philanthropic endeavors. Being a respected Leader of Impact™ in business, education and communications, I have made many contributions to The West.