Interview by Charlie Price
Edited by Tiaja Pierre

We love your work – You have a very romantic way of shooting. Where do you draw inspiration from? 

My inspiration comes from a realm of self-discovery; a journey of defining socially constructed beauty.

You do a lot of set design and are part of a unique, creative collective at Onyx Studios – how did that group come together?

Onyx Studios is a very unique photography studio. When I merged with fellow creative Mike Warstler and creative Eliza Vlasova we wanted to create a space where creatives could draw inspiration from one another. As for myself, it has become a place where visions can be perfectly articulated.

What do you look for in one of your subjects? Is there a particular type of model you prefer to work with?

When I am planning my photo-shoots, I try to find subjects that are going to bring another element to my overall story or what I am trying to convey to my viewer.

I also try to find subjects that I can connect with, because although the majority of my work revolves around fashion, it is important to me to have subjects that can completely immerse themselves.

What makes a great fashion or beauty image in your opinion?

The great thing about photography and creativity is that there are no bounds.

I always find it intriguing to push myself beyond what society portrays as the perfect fashion or beauty photograph. In my work, in particular I use many different elements of socially constructed beauty that act as only a part of what I would depict as a perfect image. These elements are used to add to my overall concept.

Which iconic fashion photographers influence you?

Fashion photographers that influence me are Tim Walker and Richard Avedon. They are two very important iconic photographers who influence my work and me.

Tim Walker has such an iconic way of incorporating fashion into his photography in order to complete his story. Richard Avedon has such a beautiful way of connecting and capturing his subjects that I find to be so important in portrait photography.