Interview by Charlie Price
Edited by Tiaja Pierre

You are incredibly busy doing lifestyle, advertising, food and portrait photography – how and why do you carve out time to do fashion and beauty shoots? 

Fashion and beauty shots are often projects that feed my creative spirit. I was a Visual Arts major in college and incorporate a lot of that methodical approach to my advertising photography; fashion brings an element of whimsy that makes my soul sing and often enthuses my commercial work as well.

What is the one thing you look for in a model while they are on set? 

ENERGY! I love working with models that like to play with the team to elevate the concept by bringing their own energy and talent toolbox to the set. I believe it is so important for a model to know their body and face, to practice and to have experience in front of the camera to really “bring it.” I also love models that show up a little early, willing to try distinctive poses and expressions and have just as much fun on set as we do.

You have published numerous coffee table books on various subjects – which one are you most proud of and why? 

Currently, I am working on a large project with my mentor Raoul Josset. It is a book that has been 40 years in the making; Raoul having shot his original imagery in film and I am answering his work in digital photography. It is really exciting to have it all come together; laying it out is certainly making it come to life.

Being a serious workaholic do you have time for fun – and if so what else interests you in the world besides photography? 

I really enjoy travel and food; it is a good thing they typically go hand-in-hand. I do not have kids or pets, so my baby really is my studio and my work. I just love it.

You are prolific in studio as well as on location; do you prefer one over the other? 

It depends on what the projects calls for—sometimes creating a world of light in studio is perfect for the photo shoot, sometimes the concept calls for an epic location or environment the model can immerse themselves in.

What does being a citizen of The West mean to you?

Connecting creatively and integrating my talents with so many others is exciting. It really does take a village to actualize these incredible shots; if the set is not in sync, the work as a whole suffers. I am grateful to be a citizen of The West and see what magic can be crafted.